November 2024
2023 Buderim 9
9 hills, 76 kilometres, 3 hours
The Buderim 9 Challenge is an exciting annual 76km community cycling event covering 9 hills around Buderim.
November 2024 - Details to be confirmed
The 2023 Buderim 9 includes the:
Buderim 6 (Dixon, Coghill, Ballinger, Crosby, Glen, Mons -> home)
Buderim 3 (Dixon, Coghill, Ballinger -> home)
Buderim Electric (6 hills)
Gallery updated with 2023 photos
We have upgraded the gallery to show the 2023 photos of Nickolas May. Use the Gallery menu item to view
Results are in!
Results are in and they can be accessed at The results
Thanks to all our participants in 2023! Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2024
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