Newsletter 3 weeks to go
November 2024

We're counting down the days, with just three weeks left until the big event on November 26th!

The Buderim9 organizing committee has been hard at work, and we've got some exciting updates to share with you.

Introducing the Buderim9 Challenge 2023 Major Prize!

A VelectriX 22 Men's Cruiser bike will be WON in a random draw prize by one entrant in this year's Buderim9 event.

We are thrilled to introduce ecoTekk Sunshine Coast, a local company that specialises in e-bike tours and rentals using Sunshine Coast bicycle brand VelectriX e-bikes.

These two companies have combined to boost participation by e-bikes in the Buderim9 2023 event. Stuart from EcoTekk is riding in the Buderim Electric category and getting some practise in on the Buderim hill climbs!

The winner will be drawn by random at the conclusion of the event on Nov 26. You must be at the presentation just after 8am to claim the prize.

HUGE thanks 👍 to EcoTekk Sunshine Coast who specialise in e-bike tours and rentals using Sunshine Coast bicycle brand VelectriX e-bikes. EcoTekk Sunshine Coast take pride in their exclusive partnership with VelectriX, a trusted e-bike brand. This collaboration ensures that their customers have access to top-quality, locally based, designed and assembled e-bikes that are reliable and high-performing. We're pumped to have both of these local businesses involved in the Buderim9 2023 and on show with the Mens Cruiser major prize with a RRP of $2199.

Your Frequently Asked Questions ANSWERED

Q     What if I can't finish the course in 3 hours?

A     Firstly let's reiterate that it's a ride AND it's a challenge too. The time limit is part of the challenge as much as the number of hills.
In the past usually around 60% of riders complete the whole of their challenge Buderim9, Buderim6 or Buderim3 within the 3hour limit.
That's perfectly fine… as we keep saying, it's a challenge. There are no prizes for coming first or completing the course.

Yes, you must be back by the 3hour mark. There will be no event support on the course after the 3hour time limit. Individually you have to make a decision at about 7.45am (that's 15 mins before the 3hour finish @ 8am) and reroute yourself to get back to base from wherever you are on the course.

Please stay at the base for a short presentation including random prize draws just after 8am. You have to be there to claim the major prize of a VelectriX e-bike or any of the other prizes in the random draw.

Q     Do I have to use Strava when I do Buderim9?

A     NO, if you are riding as an individual, but we encourage you to do so. If you have a bike computer it is easy to download the app or you can download the app onto your phone. It is great for comparing your performance to your mate or the faster riders or riders in your age group or sex. We know it is a complicated course and it can show you where you went wrong. We will be timing the event but only at the finish and only when people can be identifed with number, it is more for knowing that you have been seen back at the uni.

YES if you are in a team. Your team captain will have to prove to the organisers that all the riders did all the hills they said they did. With the team prize of a 10 Toes lunch for 12, photo with Mat Hayman and the Corporate Challenge trophy up for grabs, we need to make sure it is a fairly awarded prize.

Q     What should I carry with me?

A     What do you normally take on a ride?

  1. Water – almost all riders can complete the 3 hours with two water bottles full at the start. If you're not sure that this is enough for you, make your own arrangement for someone to give you a bottle somewhere on the course perhaps top of hill climb 6.
  2. Spares – carry your own basic spares. There will be a support vehicle at the back of the riders but you're better off being independent to get yourself back on the road sooner rather than later.
    If you experience mechanical difficulties, make your way either to a marshall on the course, police riding the motorbikes (2) or the Moto Medic team also on motorbikes (2). They all have contact details to call the support vehicle.
  3. Phone – for any emergency or contingency.

Q     Do I have to return to the Uni

A     Yes, Firstly your car is probabily there, but more importantly to let us know that you have returned safely! There will be a volunteer official at the finish jotting down the finishers numbers that you can let know that you are leaving and to confirm that we have you as finished.

Yes, also see the first question, you would not believe how many people have been called out to get a prize and not been there to collect - too bad, so sad!

Last Chance to Order Your Jersey - Limit Stock Available!

Our event jerseys are not only a stylish way to show off your Superpower on the hills; they're a symbol of support for those who need to believe in Superheroes! Show your support and help children in foster care to discover their own Superpowers and learn to face challenges. Your support makes a difference beyond the event.

While the official deadline for jersey orders has passed, we have some exciting news! Thanks to our jersey apparel partner Bowy Active, we have secured an additional 50 jerseys for those who missed the initial order. While we'll do our best to have your size, it's no longer a pre-order guarantee.

Visit our mycause website to REGISTER NOW. Be one of the lucky first 50 registrations, and the jersey is included in your $150 entry fee.

Thank you for being a part of this thrilling journey with us. Your support and participation are making the event truly special, and we can't wait to see you there, celebrating together!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team here:

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